Historical Figures

Louis XI(1423 - 1483)

Louis XI was the son of Charles VII and Marie d'Anjou. He married Marguerite of Scotland in 1436 then Charlotte of Savoy in 1451. Dauphin, Louis XI created many difficulties for his father, he had to take refuge at the court of Philippe le Bon, Duke of Burgundy. From the beginning of his reign, he was quickly confronted with the discontent of the great lords. The Ligue du Bien Public, led by his brother Charles, Duke of Berry opposed him. The king won the victory of Montlhéry in 1465 against the feudal lords. In 1468 Louis XI was held prisoner by the Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold during the interview at Péronne. Louis signs a humiliating treaty which he hastens to denounce once free. In 1475 he signed with Edward IV King of England the Picquigny truce which allowed him to isolate Charles the Bold. He was defeated by the Swiss at Granson and Morat in 1476 and he was killed during the siege of Nancy the following year. Louis XI then seized the Duchy and the County of Burgundy and Picardy.

Charles VII the Victorious Charles VIII

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