Historical Figures

Constantine I

Proclaimed Roman emperor after the death of his father, he initially managed Gaul, Brittany and Spain:the Empire had seven emperors in 310. He allied himself with Licinius, who in 313 proclaimed the edict of Milan, which grants Christians freedom of worship. Constantine restores the unity of the Empire in 324.

He played a capital role in the constitution of the Christian Empire:in addition to his conversion to Christianity, he granted tax privileges to Christians. It also makes the Empire an absolute monarchy by divine right:God is thus above the sovereign.

Constantine embarked on the internal reorganization of the Empire:a new currency was minted, he made the function of municipal officials hereditary, and founded Constantinople in 324, the new capital of the Empire, to provide a counterweight to Rome and establish a defense strong against the Persians.

275 AD AD - 337 AD. AD



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