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Son of Childeric I st , Clovis was carried on the bulwark (shield) and proclaimed king of Salian Gaul in 481:he was only 15 years old. He tries to conquer a territory, abandoned by the Romans (476), with disparate cultures. The Gallo-Romans have been Christians since Constantine 1 st , the Visigoths and the Burgundians, Aryans, and the Alemanni and the Franks, pagans. In 486, he fought victoriously against the Roman general Syagrius at the battle of Soissons.

During a battle against the Visigoth King Alaric II, Clovis vows to convert in exchange for a victory, no doubt influenced by his wife Clotilde, a Christian. Thus, while the Alemanni seem to be winning, Clovis submits them to Tolbiac in 496. His baptism takes place on Christmas night (around 498) by Bishop Rémi in Reims. This act is founding for the conquest of Gallo-Roman Gaul because it obtains the support of the clergy to fight against its opponents. Victorious, he thus became the first king of the Franks, of which Paris was the capital (509) and the first ruler of the West to be a Christian.

Around 465 - November 27, 511


Head of State

King of the Franks

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