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Lothair is the eldest son of Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne. Privileged in 817 by his father by the Ordinatio Imperii (legal text from the emperor to settle his succession), Lothair was named co-emperor (823) with his father, leaving the other sons, Louis and Pépin, left behind.
But the birth of Charles the Bald, from of the second marriage of Louis the Pious, upsets the succession because his father favors the latter by giving him a larger territory. Lothaire revolted and was exiled to Italy in 829. Louis and Pépin deposed their father, for his benefit (Champ du Mensonge, 833) before reconsidering their decision (834). On Pepin's death in 838, Charles and Louis joined forces against the eldest. Victorious at Fontenoy-en-Puisaye (841), they sealed their alliance with the Oath of Strasbourg (842) against Lothaire. With the Treaty of Verdun (843), Lothair, Louis and Charles divided the Empire equally. The eldest retains the title of emperor and obtains median France which stretches from the North Sea to Rome, Aix-la-Chapelle included. He granted himself the territories of the Church, submitting Rome to his authority. He must fight against the Normans. Sick, Lothaire abdicated in 855 in favor of his sons Louis, Charles and Lothaire II (treaty of Prüm 855) and retired to the abbey of Prüm.

795 - 855


Head of State

King of Middle Francia

Emperor of the West

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