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Son of a niece of Julius Caesar, Octave takes the name of Octavian when Caesar adopts him, for lack of offspring, and places him in his will as his successor. Octave was only 19 when the leader was assassinated. He imposes himself on Rome to assert his rights and avenge his uncle. He thus founded the Second Triumvirate of Roman History with Marc-Antoine and Lépide. More subtle than Caesar, he assumes full powers by renewing the highest offices of the State. In -27, he was the first in history to receive the title of "Augustus" by the Senate for having put an end to the civil wars around -29. It was at this time that he established the Pax Romana . The Republic is dying to make way for the Principality. In -23, he received the tribunician power (power of the tribunes of the plebs) for life, which gave him the right to veto the senate and inviolability. He develops infrastructure, Latin culture, architecture and reforms the army. First Emperor of Rome, he is nicknamed Father of the Fatherland by the Senate. Upon his death, he attains the rank of god through apotheosis (in Rome, deification of an emperor).

September 23, 63 BC - August 19, 14


First Roman Emperor

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