Historical Figures


Titian, who comes from a wealthy family of lawyers, quickly reveals exceptional qualities. He entered the studio of Giorgi Bellini, the greatest painter in Venice, then he was influenced by the painter Giorgione, in particular by the atmosphere that emanates from his paintings. Powerful colorist, his work on light and reflections make his forms sculpted other than by line. Head of the Venetian school, he flooded with his work all the princely courts, Ferrara, Mantua, Florence, Farnese, or papal with Rome. In 1516, he was appointed official painter of Venice and his influence enlightened the rest of Europe. Charles V named him Count Palatino and Cavaliere dello Sperone d'Oro , a great honor. He is one of the best portrait painters in the world, knowing how to reveal the character and the feelings of the characters as much by the costume as by the look. The extent of his influence is immense (Vélasquez, Rubens).

Around 1488 - August 27, 1576




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