Historical story

Invention of the Escalator (1892)

The escalator , also called escalator, mobile staircase or Escalator , was first put into service in 1898, at the Crystal Palace, but its patent was filed by the American Jesse W. Reno March 15, 1892. At the Crystal Palace in 1898, it is possible to take a ride on the escalator for just a penny. The Inclined Elevator then moves 2 km/h under electrical power. Then there is this "magic staircase" at the prestigious Harrod's:at the top of the staircase, a butler welcomes customers, still shaken by these emotions, with a glass of Brandy!

The escalator becomes a means of transport

The find was then presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1900, and its development was taken over by the company Otis who baptizes it Escalator , a combination of "elevator" and "scala" (meaning step). There followed a long progression that would transform traffic in department stores, train stations and airports... The escalator, like many brilliant inventions, eventually became a common name.