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Why did the command of the Home Army abandon the Poles in Volhynia to the UPA?

In the years 1943–1945 in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia, Ukrainian nationalists murdered 100,000 Poles. Where was the Home Army then? Where was the Polish Underground State? Why was nothing done to save the Polish civilian population? Why did the Volhynians die alone?

Piotr Zychowicz in the book "Wołyń betrayed, or how the Home Army command abandoned the Poles to the UPA" gives a shocking answer to these questions. The Home Army ignored the Banderite threat and ignored numerous warnings about the impending danger. All efforts were focused on the preparation of the future uprising - Operation "Tempest".

The Home Army commanders did not want to fight the UPA so as not to "squander" the forces they needed to fight the Germans. Until the end, they believed that they could get along with the Banderites. When the Polish Underground State finally intervened, it was tragically late and insufficient. Unfortunately, the Home Army in Volhynia completely failed.

"Volhynia is betrayed, or how the Home Army command abandoned the Poles to the UPA" is the most shocking book by the author of "Insanity" and "The Ribbentrop-Beck Pact".

Shocking answers to questions about the tardiness of the Home Army in Volhynia can be found in the book by Piotr Zychowicz "Volhynia betrayed, or how the Home Army command abandoned the Poles to the UPA" , which was released by the Rebis publishing house.

PIOTR ZYCHOWICZ is a historical journalist. He writes about World War II, the crimes of Bolshevism and the European geopolitics of the 20th century. In his concepts, he refers to the ideas of Józef Mackiewicz, Władysław Studnicki, Stanisław Cat-Mackiewicz and Adolf Bocheński. He was a journalist of "Rzeczpospolita" and of the weekly "I believe" as well as the deputy editor-in-chief of the monthly "I believe". Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the monthly "Historia Do Rzeczy". A graduate of the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw.

His bestseller "Ribbentrop-Beck Pact" (REBIS 2012) sparked a constant debate as to whether in September 1939 Poland should have entered into a temporary alliance with the Third Reich. In Obłędzie '44 (REBIS 2013) he considered the Operation Tempest, and especially the Warsaw Uprising, to be a collective suicide committed in the interest of Stalin. In the "German Option" (REBIS 2014) he showed the profiles of Polish "Quisling candidates", and in the "Piłsudski-Lenin" Pact (REBIS 2015) he accused the elite of the Second Polish Republic of saving Bolshevism.

The series of "Politically Incorrect Tales" - "Żydzi" and "Soviets" (REBIS 2016), "Germany" (REBIS 2017) and "Żydzi 2" (REBIS 2018) - Piotr Zychowicz dedicated to the nations and states that have the greatest influence on our history. In 2018, REBIS released his shocking “Flaws on Armor. Black Epic Cards for Cursed Soldiers. ”

"The Ribbentrop-Beck Pact" and "Obłęd '44" "Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI" awarded the historical Book of the Year award.

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