Historical story

The worldwide hysteria when Windows 95 was first released

In August 1995 the Microsoft company, with sales of 6 billion dollars and almost 17,5000 employees, presents its new operating system for computers, Windows 95.

At that time computers were mainly used only in offices and companies, as part of the production line.

Bill Gates' company had designed Windows to be as user-friendly as possible, so that they entered every home.

With "Start Menu", "Task Bar" and other tools that made it easier to use the pc, such as built-in support for multimedia playback.

About $300 million was spent promoting Windows 95. The main ad campaign used the song "Start me Up" by the Rolling Stones (reference to the Start button), with reports at the time stating that Microsoft paid the Stones between $8 and $14 million to "dress" the campaign.

"Friends" Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry took part in the promotion of the new product.

As expected, after the presentation of the new "revolutionary" product, consumer hysteria followed.

The stores were flooded with customers who lined up for hours outside the entrances in order to get the new Windows.