Historical story

Red Light Film:When Was the First Screened in Italy?

Female nude from the early 1900s. The first screening of a red light film in Italy dates back to 1901

The first red light film was screened in Italy on the evening of 25 October 1901 (see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/7172/storia-contemporanea/anna-fallarino-in-casati-stampa).

The event, as you can imagine rather expected by a rather itchy audience, took place in Reggio Emilia, precisely at the Ariosto Theater.

In reality it was not a single film, but a series of films that were to be just the beginning of a cycle called "black nights".

Titles, such as Borgia has fun and Intimate scenes in an artist's dressing room , leave no doubts about the plot.

In any case, this first screening of a red light film in our country was a success and the proceeds went well beyond expectations.

Compared to normal programming, risque films yielded about three times more.

The costs?

1 lira for a seat in the front row, but only 20 cents, therefore a popular price, for the gallery.

It is not surprising that women were not allowed in the shows:only an adult and exclusively male audience could participate ( Photo from :tgcom24.mediaset.it).