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Grace Kelly:the peerless Princess Grace of Monaco

A beautiful close-up of Grace Kelly

You want to know everything about Grace Kelly , the unforgettable Princess of Monaco , former Hollywood actress and wife of Rainier III ?

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The Princes of Monaco

There are characters who go down in history and mark the imagination of an era.

These figures launch trends, mark the lines of a new aesthetic, change the costume and the perception of power.

They assert themselves as classic and immortal figures, but at the same time fully capture the spirit of their time.

One of the most iconic figures of the second half of the twentieth century was the princess Grace of Monaco , also known as Grace Kelly .

Grace Kelly:from Hollywood to Monaco

Princess Grace (Source:Flickr Author:Pierre Tourigny License:Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

From Hollywood diva to Princess of Monaco , the beautiful Grace made millions of hearts beat.

She was the muse of the likes of Alfred Hitchcock or Andy Warhol.

Her grace and her elegance have consecrated her as the star of the silver screen and her light has continued to shine like never before from the throne of the Principality of Monaco.

Munich of Monte Carlo it is the second smallest state in the world after the Vatican State, but one of the richest ever, the European capital of luxury, the destination par excellence of the jet-set international.

The glamor image Munich is not new.

As early as the nineteenth century, the Principality was one of the most popular destinations in the context of the nascent elite seaside tourism of the time.

In addition, her her particular tax regime already then represented a considerable attraction for those who enjoyed great wealth.

The casino of hers was, and still is, an institution in the world of gaming, capable of attracting thousands and thousands of visitors, hosting international events such as the EPT Monte Carlo , a tournament that again this year achieved more than 900 registered players and record numbers.

The same can be said of the Formula 1 Grand Prix that every year we run through the streets of the city.

Not only that, but during the summer, actors, divas, rock stars, magnates of industry and finance flock to the beaches of the Côte d'Azur to enjoy the most exclusive summer in Europe.

The golden image of the Principality was a purposeful and extremely intelligent construction, in which Princess Grace played a key role.

The Prince Rainier it was no coincidence that he affectionately referred to her as «my foreign minister» , declaring a sincere and deep admiration for the image and international relations work done by her wife.

The success of the Princess is still demonstrated today by the love and admiration that the inhabitants of Monaco continue to show towards her, despite the fact that almost forty years have now passed since her tragic death.

Bourgeois origins

The princess was born in the United States, in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.

Her father was called John Brendan Kelly Senior (1889-1960).

Of Irish origin, John fully embodied the American myth:he was handsome, charismatic, sporty and very successful.

He not only had won three gold medals at the Olympics as a rower, but he was also a successful entrepreneur.

Grace's mother was born in Germany, her name was Margaret Katherine Majer (1899-1990) and she had moved to the States she was very young with her family.

Her Teutonic charm, her energy and her determination were extremely seductive, so much so that she had started posing as a model.

She is also very sporty, she worked as a physical education teacher.

Living in an environment where everything is so perfect is not easy.

In fact, unlike her parents, Grace is a rather shy young woman , awkward, tending to overweight, her face is hidden by large heavy glasses.

She has a great passion for dance she and she dreams of becoming a dancer, but she doesn't get much support for this choice of her.

Over time her body begins to change, Grace acquires more and more confidence and even begins to work as a model, posing for various advertising campaigns.

She takes her first steps on Hollywood sets.

The 1954 it is the year of her official consecration by Alfred Hitchcock , that the writing for the film “The Perfect Crime”.

The director calls it "Hot Ice" or “a snow-topped volcano” .

All of her fall in love with her, star the likes of Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby and Burt Lancaster lose their minds.

The wedding of the century

Grace Kelly (Source:Wikimedia Author:Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer License:Public Domain)

To marry her, however, he will not be a Hollywood star.

In the movie “The Swan” , Grace Kelly is called upon to play the role of a princess.

During the filming of the film you will meet the Prince Rainier III of Monaco , who will marry on April 18, 1956, her becoming a real princess.

Their wedding is celebrated worldwide, glossy magazines around the world publish photos of the royal couple, the nobility of the old continent and the glittering jet-set come together for one of the most anticipated events of the time.

Grace is the perfect synthesis of her times.

She is one of the most beloved faces of 1950s Hollywood, leading to Europe the beauty of an international diva, the freshness and air of novelty of the States , but at the same time, despite her bourgeois birth, her grace and her elegance make her perfect in the role of the princess.

You learn to speak French, master the court etiquette , she never gets in trouble.

She dedicates herself with passion to many voluntary activities aimed at the care of the sick and the weakest, to artistic patronage.

Her audience loved her and her subjects even more ( More photos from:gazzettadiparma.it and ambrosiaepoesia.blogspot.com).