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Stewed Mushrooms:Recipe (Easy) by Pellegrino Artusi

The cuisine of the past…

The stewed mushrooms they are a classic side dish, but you want to try them in the way of Pellegrino Artusi ?

The recipe below is taken from his famous text Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well.


"For the wet, those that are below mediocre size are preferred. Clean them, wash them and cut them into thinner slices than the previous ones.

Put a pan on the fire with oil, a few cloves of whole garlic, a little bruised and a good pinch of catmint leaves.

When the oil begins to trigger, throw the mushrooms down without flour, season with salt and pepper and, when half cooked, wet them with simple tomato sauce; however, be sparing with the condiments because the mushrooms do not absorb them ".

These stewed mushrooms will be a perfect side dish to accompany various main courses ( see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/9915/storia-contemporanea/budino-alla-napoletana-dallartusi).