Historical story

How did Charlemagne dress?


Despite the high rank, Charlemagne he had rather simple tastes, even in clothing .

Eginardo, secretary of the sovereign, informs us in detail about it, writing the following:

“She wore the national costume of the Franks:in contact with his body she wore a linen shirt and linen underwear; above, a silk-trimmed tunic and trousers; then he wrapped his legs with bands and his feet with shoes; indeed he protected his shoulders and chest with an otter or mouse skin doublet; he wore a blue cloak and always surrounded a dagger, which had a hilt and a bandolier of gold and silver.

he Sometimes he also used a sword adorned with gems, but only on the occasion of main festivals and receptions of foreign ambassadors.

On feast days he was covered with a gold-embroidered robe, wore sandals adorned with gems, secured the cloak with a gold buckle and was also adorned with a gold diadem and precious stones; on the other days, however, his clothing differed little from the common and popular one. ”

So, as you can see, luxury was relegated to big occasions, parties, official ceremonies and diplomatic meetings, while sobriety was the norm.