Historical story

The Rivalry between Marie Antoinette and Madame Du Barry

Kirsten Dunst is Marie Antoinette in the film “Marie Antoinette”

In the last years of the reign of Louis XV , the court of Versailles was animated by rivalry , all female, between the two prima donnas of France: Marie Antoinette , future queen and wife of Louis XVI, and Madame Du Barry , last favorite in order of time of the king in office.

It wasn't just a gossip story high-ranking capable of arousing the morbid curiosity of ladies and knights, but of a thorny diplomatic matter which threatened to wreck the always fragile alliance between France and Austria, so much so that at a certain point the highest leaders of both states were forced to intervene.

But what happened between the two women?

The very young Marie Antoinette, just fourteen, had immediately felt an instinctive antipathy towards the countess, actually described as a rather vulgar woman who loved to dominate Versailles by making herself strong in her bond with the king; the unmarried daughters of Louis XV, Adelaide, Vittoria and Sofia, who had never endured Du Barry, blew the fire pushing the Delfina, particularly influenced also because of her age, to openly oppose the maitresse en titre.

Portrait of Madame Du Barry

In practice, for a long time Marie Antoinette did not speak to her rival, who at one point she mounted on her into her fury and complained to her powerful lover.

To convince the naturally stubborn princess to capitulate, Louis XV himself, the great Maria Teresa , was forced to intervene. and ambassador Florimond Mercy d’Argenteau; finally, on New Year's Eve of 1772 , the girl, in front of a large crowd of nobles, addressed these words to an anxious Du Barry:" There are a large number of people today in Versailles!".

A banal and forced phrase, but it was enough to calm the ire of the favorite and to save relations between France and Austria.

But there it ended:a friendship was never established between the two women (Photo gives:http://www.mymovies.it/dtionary/recensione.asp?id=36167 and https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki / Marie-Jeanne_B% C3% A9cu, _contessa_Du_Barry).