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Marie Antoinette and the Hunt

Marie Antoinette hunting

The hunt, especially the one with fox , it was a favorite activity of rulers and aristocrats in past centuries; the young king of France Louis XVI he had an even immeasurable passion for this discipline, so much so that he did not give up his daily hunting trip for any reason in the world, regardless of the fact that he had to get up every morning at dawn and then return to the palace every evening dead tired from the fatigue.

Of a different opinion, and certainly a rare exception both in terms of age and rank, he was his wife Marie Antoinette, who found hunting not only a useless and boring pastime, but also cruel:the queen of France loved animals very much (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/5449/storia-moderna/maria-antonietta-lamore-per-gli -animals) and it was hard for him to have to continually see their bodies battered by bullets and dog bites.

But, as is well known, escape the strict label which governed life at the court of Versailles it was practically impossible , especially if she belonged to the female sex and, willy-nilly, they had to indulge the inclinations of their spouse; thus, the sovereign, of a sweet and caring character, simply limited herself to accompanying Louis XVI from time to time just to make him happy and to fill her carriage with fresh food and refreshing drinks to be distributed at the right time to all the participants.

And she also found a way to feel useful to someone.