Historical Figures

51. Patel said, when cannons are fired, only then history is made!

Gandhiji announced the Civil Disobedience Movement and made a program to break the salt law by traveling on foot from Sabarmati to Dandi. This journey was to start on 12 March 1930. Gandhi put the entire responsibility of making it successful on Sardar Patel.

Sardar took his bag and went on a tour of Gujarat and went from village to village, informed about Gandhi's Dandi Yatra and explained to the people the importance of civil disobedience movement. He created a buzz in the whole of Gujarat with his eloquent statements. He would ask people to come out of their homes and jump into the freedom movement – ​​'The world will question you, what have you done?

I ask the farmers and others whether you have faith in God or in yourself? Don't you know that one who is born will surely die one day? No one can escape from death. Therefore, if you want to die, then die the death of the brave. Not cowards. When cannons are fired, bombs are dropped from airplanes, thousands of people die, only then history is made.

When will that day come to us? That day will come only when not a single Gujarati will support the government. If we understand the point of the saint of Sabarmati, then all this will become easy. The need is that you give maximum number of arrests.'