Historical Figures

Philip V the Long(1293 - 1322)

Philip V of France, known as Philippe le Long is the second son of Philippe IV le Bel and the Queen of Navarre Joan I. He was declared regent of the kingdom on the death of his brother Louis X. He acceded to royalty on the death of the posthumous son of Louis X, after the States General of 1317 where he succeeded in having the Salic law interpreted in his favor. He was suspected of having played a role in the death of his nephew, who died a few days ago. A good strategist, Philippe le Long managed to overcome opposition thanks to his decisiveness, which enabled him to solve Flemish problems through diplomacy. He centralized the various institutions to make them more efficient. He imposed the use of a single currency on the territory despite the opposition of the lords of the South. He attempted to standardize weights and measures.

John I the Posthumous Charles IV the Fair