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Local Nazi Party Headquarters

The local headquarters of the Nazi party or Gauhaus in German, in the city of Nuremberg it was erected between 1935 and 1937. It is the work of the German architect Franz Ruff. The building was damaged during a fire in 1945, but has been restored and today looks the same as it did originally, except for the absence of any Nazi symbols.

The Gauhaus Nuremberg was the Nazi party headquarters for the entire Franconian region. Julius Streicher, one of the founding members of the Nazi party was the party chief for Franconia or Frankenführer between 1933 and 1940 and here he had his main office.

Julius Streicher was one of the most important figures in the Nazi apparatus in its early years. Like other founders of the party, such as Hitler himself, Rudolf Hess or Herman Göring, Streicher fought bravely during the First World War. He reached the rank of lieutenant and was awarded an Iron Cross during the conflict.

Although the war ended in 1918, Streicher never stopped fighting. After the war he joined one of the numerous paramilitary units or Freikorps who crushed the communist revolution of 1918-19. After the total demobilization of the paramilitary forces, Streicher entered politics as one of the first members of the Nazi party.

In 1923 he expanded his activities by founding the satirical magazine Der Stürmer . The magazine, aimed at a young audience, tried to instill the National Socialist ideology through comics. The ideology most spread by Der Stürmer , which in Spanish translates as “the assailant”, was a visceral anti-Semitism. His magazine was responsible for the indoctrination of much of the German youth in the years of Nazism.

In 1940 Juluis Streicher was accused and convicted of diverting funds obtained during the looting and expropriation of German and Austrian Jews during the night of broken glass on November 9, 1938. He was dismissed from all charges and lived in retirement from the public life until his arrest in 1945. He was tried at the Nuremberg trials, sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, and executed in 1946.

How to get to the party venue in Nuremberg

The old Nuremberg Gauhaus is located in the city center, in the immediate vicinity of the central train station.

The best guided tours in Nuremberg

Visit the Gauhaus in Nuremberg

The Gauhaus building was damaged in 1945 by fire. After World War II, the building was restored. The headquarters of the Nürnberger Nachtrichten was established here in the same year. , a local newspaper. The building is private and is not open to public visits.

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