Historical story

Recipe for Dry Skin from an Early 1900s Beauty Manual

Image of a woman from the early 1900s

How about trying a recipe for dry skin completely natural albeit a little vintage ?

Or maybe to follow some advice a little dated in this regard?

On the female beauty manual To be beautiful ( Sonzogno, Milan, 1906 ) there are many suggestions that are currently unattainable, it is true, but the ones I report below seem entirely plausible to me ( see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/6009/storia-contemporanea/depilation-femminile-medievale- start-900).

Basically it is a question of mixing water and some types of flowers.

Here is what is written in the text about it:

"The alterations of dry skin most often come from the use of soap or toilet water that is too alcoholic, and I recommend, on the contrary, the use of bran water, double mallow water and neutral glycerin ".

And then, on the recipe for dry skin real, the following is reported:

"Here is another excellent toilet water recipe that will benefit the general treatment of dry skin:

  • elderflower gr.50
  • mallow flowers gr.50
  • spring flowers gr.50
  • two Iris bulbs

Boil everything for ten minutes and pour. ”

It was apparently sufficient to rinse the face several times a day with the liquid obtained, to obtain excellent results on the skin ( Photo from :radiomontecarlo.net).