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  • Shows “Ei fu. Napoleon Bonaparte from Piedmont to Europe "in Cherasco (CN)

    Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte She today she has come to Pills of History , by Mr. Marco Buccino , reporting a show on Napoleon Bonaparte which will be held between March and June in Cherasco (CN). I faithfully report to readers the information on the event exactly as it came to me.

  • Simonne Evrard:who was Marat's Wife?

    Portrait of Simonne Evrard, wife of Marat (Carnavalet, Paris) The following article, entirely dedicated to Simonne Evrard , wife of the French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, has been translated for Pills of History by Stefania Di Pasquale , collaborator of the research group Pole-Nord

  • Albert Mathiez:the Terror and the Fall of Robespierre

    Maximilien Robespierre Thanks to Stefania Di Pasquale , translator and collaborator of the Pole-Nord Group Brussels research group , which deals with the French Revolution and the figure of Jean-Paul Marat in particular, for sending Pills of History the article that I report below, o

  • Anna Bolena:Short Biography

    Actress Natalie Dormer plays Anna Bolena in the television drama The Tudors Anna Bolena she is one of the female figures who have most marked the modern history of England and Europe; from her scandalous liason with Henry VIII originated the religious schism that led to the birth of the Ang

  • Florence in the 1500s:State-of-the-art hospitals

    An ancient hospital. The Florentine Renaissance hospitals were well cared for and equipped The hospitals of Florence at the time of the Medici , almost certainly worked better than those existing in Italy today. After all, between the 1400s and 1500s, the Tuscan city became the most important

  • Why is Napoleon often Portrait with Hand in Vest?

    Napoleon in Waterloo. Having your hand portrayed under your waistcoat was a fashion of the time Several times I have wondered why Napoleon Bonaparte he had often been portrayed with his hand under his vest, exactly at stomach height, so I did a little research on it. Some time ago, somewh

  • Was Henry VIII Impotent?

    Portrait of Henry VIII Henry VIII powerless? It might seem like a paradox when referring to a man who went down in history for having six wives ( and an impressive number of lovers , yet it

  • Leonardo da Vinci's Women:who Were They Really?

    The Lady with an Ermine or Cecilia Gallerani and La Gioconda, or Lisa Gherardini, the most famous women in the history of art The Lady with an Ermine ”And the “ Mona Lisa ” , the latter more famous as La Gioconda, are two of the most famous, mysterious and discussed female portraits of

  • Dining with a Florentine of the Renaissance:which menu?

    A Renaissance table set. A Florentine of the time never gave up on good wine If we had the opportunity to sit at the table of a Florentine middle of the Renaissance, between the 15th and 16th centuries, in the middle of the Medici era , what could we expect to eat? We would almost certainl

  • A funeral in Florence at the time of the Medici

    Florence in the Renaissance. In the Medici era, the Signoria intervened in organizing a citizens funeral In Florence, in full Medici era , when a citizen died, the Signoria itself intervened in organizing the funeral. Before the funeral, the deceased, lying on a simple straw mattress, was

  • Florence in the Renaissance:the Education of Girls

    The ladies of the Pollaiolo. In Medici Florence, female education became much less rigid than in the past The cultural and social rebirth that characterized Florence in the Renaissance, in full Medici era , also concerned the education of girls, marking a definitive break with the past:the

  • “Strange” Works in Versailles

    Louis XIV at Versailles surrounded by servants. Bizarre works were carried out at the palace, created specifically to please people Of the impressive number of servants and strange jobs which took place at the palace of Versailles I already talked about in this post https://www.pilloledist

  • Toilets in Versailles:Beautiful and… Useless

    Personal hygiene in the 1700s (painting by Francois Boucher). In Versailles there were toilets, but they were practically never used As is known, at the palace of Versailles the apparent splendor actually concealed an unimaginable dirt, both of the environments and of the people who lived ther

  • "Ingenious" (and Incredible) Hairstyles at the Court of Versailles

    A lady at the hairdressers in the 1700s. Some extravagant hairstyles sported by the ladies at Versailles made history For a certain period of time at the court of Versailles the ladies sported hairstyles nothing short of extravagant, characterized by hair twisted around a sort of scaffolding t

  • "Culottes":what they were, how they were made and when they were fashionable

    A French noble of the 1700s wearing culottes A item of clothing typical of eighteenth-century mens fashion close to the French Revolution were the culottes, as already written in this post But h

  • Alexander VI Borgia in a Portrait (Ruthless) by Guicciardini

    Jeremy Irons in the part of Alexander VI in the TV series The Borgias On Pope Alexander VI Borgia rivers of ink have been poured out, most of which spent describing their turpitudes and atrocities, but perhaps no one has managed to sketch a portrait of this character as essential as it is comple

  • Louis XIV:Flavored Wine to Cure the King's Leg

    The court doctors visit Louis XIV in the film “The last days of Louis XIV” In the last years of its existence Louis XIV he was afflicted with a severe form of gangrene in his leg left, in turn caused by a pre-existing gout, a frequent disease among people of the time belonging to a certain r

  • 1700:Chronicle of a Duel ... at Happy Ending

    A duel In the number 69 of the Storica magazine (November 2014) there is an interesting service entirely dedicated to the duel, the same one from which I drew some of the indications I used to write this post

  • At Table in Renaissance Italy:What did you eat?

    At the table in the Renaissance:a “rich” banquet in which fruit and eggs can be seen What was brought to the table in Italy between the 15th and 16th centuries ? What were the most popular foods ? Also with regard to the Renaissance, as with any other historical epoch, a distinction ne

  • Renaissance:the first Italian "Boutiques"

    An ancestor of our boutiques:the tailors shop, from a fresco of the Issogne Castle (Aosta Valley) Milan, Florence, Bologna, Genoa and Venice became, in full Renaissance era , the “silk roads” favorites of our country, cities literally teeming with large luxury shops in which precious fabri

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