History of Europe

Alfonso V of Asturias and León, The Noble

Alfonso V also called the Noble the Noble was king of Asturias and León . He was born in 994. Son of Bermudo II, whom he succeeded in 999 under the regency of the counts of Galicia (Mendo González and his wife Mayor). Two events took place at the beginning of this reign; first, the arrival of the year one thousand, a date used by catastrophists to terrify the naive with the announcement of the end of the world; some seem to have exaggerated the panic that gripped people on that date, while others downplayed it altogether.

Another important event was the death of Almanzor in August 1002 . Almanzor was born in 939 near Algeciras; of noble family; son of Abdallah and his wife Borahia. He studied in Córdoba, standing out for his talent. Caliph Alhacam II appointed him qadi and, later, wazir of his Council; the sultana Sohbeya appointed him his secretary and, after the death of his secretary and, after the death of Alhacam II, he entrusted him with the government of the State, since the successor caliph Hixem II was only ten years old. From then on, in 26 years, Almanzor carried out 52 expeditions against the Catholic kingdoms in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. He carried out two campaigns per year and, after destroying and looting the towns that he found on his way, he returned to Córdoba with rich booty.

In 1002, he reached the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla, which was the Castilian national sanctuary, and destroyed it; but, finding himself ill as part of his men due to an epidemic, before the Castilians attacked him, he withdrew to Medinaceli where he died . His death was a great disaster for the Muslims of al-Andalus, and a great relief for the Catholics of the kingdoms of the north of the Peninsula. So much so that, after being buried in Medinaceli, the Muslims recorded on his tomb:“The footprints that he has left on earth will teach you his history as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. By Allah, that the times will never bring another that resembles him, or that defends our borders like him. While a Catholic monk noted:"In the year 1002 Almanzor died and was buried in hell." As soon as Alfonso V came of age, he had to subdue several rebellious noblemen who were supported by the Count of Castile, Sancho Garcés, whom he dispossessed of the lands he had in León. In 1014, he had to repel an invasion of Normans who entered the Miño and destroyed Tuy. He also dedicated himself to rebuilding and repopulating the populations devastated long before by the Muslims. Among other cities, he rebuilt and repopulated León, destroyed by Almanzor in 988; then he met, in this city, a Council, which issued the Fuero de León in 1020. He then campaigned against the Muslims and laid siege to the city of Viseo, where he died
from a crush in 1027
. He was married to Elvira (daughter of his guardians), from whom he had his son Bermudo and his daughter Sancha.