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Spill Magisterial takes the Collection of José María Arguedas to the whole country

Last updated:2022-07-25

Derrama Magisterial, Social Security institution of the Peruvian teacher, participated in the publication of the complete collection of anthropological works by José María Arguedas , a transcendental editorial effort initiated two years ago, as one of the central activities for the celebrations of the birth of our famous writer. In addition to sponsoring three of the seven volumes that make up the collection, Spill Magisterial has been presenting it throughout Peru for a few months.

The first presentation of the Complete Anthropological Work Collection of José María Arguedas , was held in Lima, in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Culture, on April 6, in the presence of prominent figures from the academic and intellectual fields. Likewise, on June 6 it was presented in Cusco and tomorrow, Thursday June 13, it will be in Ayacucho. In the coming weeks, Spill Magisterial plans to organize similar academic events in other cities of the country, to highlight this important publication, which will be made available to students in schools, universities and libraries in Peru.

Gonzalo Portocarrero Maisch , sociologist and director of the JMA Commission, was very pleased to crystallize this valuable collection, which summarizes the vast intellectual production of Arguedas in terms of social and anthropological research, disciplines that he developed in parallel with teaching and literature, his other two passions.

As we know, Don José María He stood out in the investigation and analysis of identity through artistic expressions, the result of his permanent contact with exponents of the folklore of our land (musicians, singers and dancers of scissors were part of his circle of friends) and the ethnic concerns that he displayed in his famous fictional stories. Thanks to this, Arguedas is one of the artists who best understood the problem of the multidiversity of elements that make up the national identity.

The Ministries of Education and Culture are the public institutions that have also supported this important work.