Historical Figures

Chilperic II (673 - 721)

Chilpéric II is king of Neustria in 715. He is the presumed son of Childeric II, he would have survived the massacre of his parents and has since been hiding in a monastery under the name of Daniel. On the death of Dagobert III in 715, the Neustrians took him out of his convent, proclaimed him king, reigning however under the authority of the mayor of the palace. With the help of the Frisians, he invaded Austrasia and had himself recognized as king by Plectrude, the widow of Pépin de Herstal. But he is finally defeated by Charles Martel, Pépin's son. Chilpéric II took refuge with Eudes, king of Aquitaine, but again defeated by Martel. Charles Martel negotiates with Eudes and obtains that Chilpéric replaces Clotaire on the throne of Austrasia.