Historical Figures

Philip III the Good(1396 - 1467)

Duke of Burgundy (1419-1467), son of John the Fearless. The assassination of his father by the Armagnacs immediately pushed him to ally himself with the English, against the Dauphin (by recognizing Henri V as heir to the throne of France); but in 1435 (Treaty of Arras), he reconciled with Charles VII, increased his already considerable power (annexation of the towns of the Somme, which would be bought by France in 1463; purchase of Luxembourg in 1441) and continued the work administration of Philip II. This enlightened prince, protector of the arts, was the father of Charles the Bold. Frightening during his anger but forgiving quickly, which probably explains the nickname that posterity has kept for him, loving good food, overflowing sensuality (thirty known mistresses). He took the time to reflect and surrounded himself with opinions before acting.