Historical Figures

Philip III the Bold(1245 - 1285)

Philip III le Bold was the son of Louis IX and Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295). He was proclaimed king in Tunis on the death of his father, whom he had accompanied on a crusade. He was of a gentle, submissive and versatile character, almost crushed by the strong personalities of his entourage. He enlarges the royal domain. He supported the Sicilian policy of his uncle Charles of Anjou, after the massacres of Sicilian Vespers in 1282, the Pope excommunicated Peter III of Aragon considered the instigator of the massacre and gave his kingdom to Charles de Valois, son of Philip the Daring. After the affair of Sicily, Philip III waged war against Aragon, unsuccessfully attacked Catalonia, he died in Perpignan following a disastrous retreat, caused by epidemics and the lack of supplies.

Louis IX (Saint Louis) Philippe IV le Bel