Historical Figures

Pepin III the Brief(715 - 758)

On the death of his father Charles Martel, Pépin and Carloman shared the estate, Pépin obtained Neustria, the Burgundy and Provence. The succession is difficult and the two brothers are forced to oppose Aquitaine, Bavaria and their half-brother Griffon. They oppose their opponents victoriously, and soon Griffon is imprisoned, but the results are not lasting, so Pépin and Carloman restore Childeric III. Giving an important place to the Church, the brothers won the favor of Bishop Boniface. In 747, Carloman retired to monastic life, Pepin became the head of the kingdom. In 751, with the agreement of the pope, Pepin was chosen king of the Franks at the expense of Childeric III who was tonsured and imprisoned. Coming to the aid of the pope, Pépin leads two victorious expeditions against the Lombards. Pepin handed over the reconquered territories to the pope, and not to Byzantium, which possessed them. Having become patrician of the Romans, Pepin was the protector of the Church. At his death, he bequeaths his kingdom to his two sons:Carloman and Charles.

Childeric III Charlemagne (with Carloman until 771)