Historical Figures

Philippe Equality Louis Philippe Joseph dOrléans, dit(1747 - 1793)

Great-grandson of Philippe II, he became Duke of Orléans in 1785 as well as the man richest in France. Great leader of Freemasonry, his ambition is to ascend the throne. Deputy of the nobility to the States General, his fortune enabled him to encourage revolutionary movements such as the October Days. He has in his pay men such as Talleyrand, La Fayette, Dumouriez, Danton... He tries to be named king after Varennes and he votes for the death of his cousin Louis XVI. However, he was discredited by the flight of Dumouriez and his son (the future Louis-Philippe I). Billaud-Varennes classifies him among the Girondins (to whom he has no connection) in order to obtain his execution.