Historical Figures

Ambroise Pare

Born in Laval, in the West of France, Ambroise Paré is considered the “father of modern surgery”. He learned medicine to become a barber-surgeon in 1536. During his life he was the surgeon of Kings Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III.
Author of various medical books, he invented new treatment methods, such as ligating (tying with a tie) arteries during amputations, or extracting projectiles from the bodies of the injured.
The Faculty of Medicine does not, however, validate its ideas and asks this that the texts of Ambroise Paré are burned in the public square, but his services to the various kings whom he treats ensure him protection and the publication of his works. A true progressive, he treated Catholics and Protestants without distinction during the religious wars that Europe was going through at that time.

1510 (approx.) - 1590



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