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Springfield M1903

Creator/user country:United States of America
Designation:M1903A3 - M1903A4

Firing mode:single shot breech with manual bolt


Magazine:5 bullets

Practical range:600 m

Effective range:1000 m

Maximum range:3200 m

Rate of fire:15 rounds/min

Mass:3.98 kg


The Springfield M1903 is an American bolt-action rifle, first produced by the factory of the same name, it was produced by other manufacturing units (Remington, Rockisland). It was used a lot during the First World War and more confidentially during the Second. A precision version was developed for snipers during World War II (M1903 A4) and remained in service until 1963.

The capacity of the Springfield M1903 is five .30-06 caliber (7.62mm) rounds. Like many bolt-action rifles, it is accurate, robust and inexpensive, but this manual mechanism offers only a reduced rate of fire, which is why the semi-automatic M1 Garand was preferred during the Second World War. /P>

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