Millennium History

History of Oceania

  • Fascinating indigenous myths and legends about the Australian Aborigines

    Australia is home to various indigenous groups, whose lives are governed by their affiliation with their country. From this connection arises their spiritual and mythical beliefs. Dreamtime is the term commonly used to describe the important features of the beliefs of Aboriginal communities. Accordi

  • The dream time and its significance in indigenous Australian culture

    Indigenous peoples in Australia are the worlds oldest existing culture on earth. According to archaeological evidence, their history ranges from 50,000 to 80,000 years to XNUMX XNUMX years old. Indigenous Australians have preserved their history through stories called The Dreamtime, Dreamtime storie

  • The Māori:A Silenced Heart of New Zealand

    When you think of people from New Zealand, what do you envision? White people? Maybe semi-British, semi-Australian sounding people? Maybe a famous person from a movie youve seen or love? Thats exactly what I used to imagine in my mind. And because of colonialism and globalization, its almost exactly

  • How does National Sorry Day reflect the reality of the lives of Australian Aboriginal people?

    What is National Sorry Day? National Sorry Day gathers Australians to commemorate the survivors of a dark time in Australian history. Officially known as National Healing Day, this holiday allows everyone to discuss the experiences of members of the stolen generations, as well as the current state

  • Australian Aboriginal People:An Overview of Their Tradition and Culture

    The Aboriginal culture came before the pyramids and goes before Stonehenge. It is older than the Acropolis itself. It can be dated back to more than 50,000 XNUMX years, and is one of the oldest that exists to date. Although there may have been cultural traditions before that, this is one of the only

  • Jandamarra and the Bunuba Uprising in Australia

    Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance Jandamarra was the leader of a revolt against the Australian police in the 1890s. During this time, pastoralists aimed to colonize the land of Bunuba. They are Aborigines from the Kimberley region. In 1894, Jandamarra went into ambush for some European cattle

  • How European colonization affected the Aboriginal Australians

    The TAboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are Australias first people or native Australians. However, British colonization led to the near extinction of the first nations in 19 th and 20 th centuries. To this day, there are reports that they continue to be discriminated against. The Abor

  • Could Australia become a Polish colony?

    In the era of partitions, many Poles were seduced by dreams of establishing New Poland in remote corners of the globe. There were projects to create a national team in Africa, Oceania and Brazil. One daredevil also pushed the idea to settle the uninhabited areas of Western Australia. What came out o

  • Faith Bandler, Australian activist

    Australian writer and activist, Faith Bandler (1918 – 2015) organized a campaign for Aboriginal citizenship and worked for the recognition of crimes committed against local populations. The blackbirders Faith Bandler was born on September 27, 1918 as Ida Lessing Faith Mussing, in Tumbulgum, New

  • The Discovery of Australia

    The discovery was made on August 21, 1770 and was named New South Wales. The Discovery of Australia European captain James Cook was the one who discovered Australia when he was exploring the continent for the United Kingdom. The discovery was made on August 21, 1770 and was named New South Wales. T

  • The largest prisoner escape of World War II occurred in an Australian concentration camp

    If we were to ask what the largest prisoner escape of World War II was, surely we would all automatically think of the two from Stalag Luft III. The one that was made into a movie in The Great Escape and the one known as The Wooden Horse. However, seventy-six men participated in the first, of whom

  • New dating techniques reveal the oldest known cave painting in Australia, and it's a kangaroo

    A two meter long painting of a kangaroo in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has been identified as the oldest intact cave painting in Australia. Using radiocarbon dating of 27 mud wasp nests, collected above and below 16 similar paintings, a University of Melbourne collaboration has dated

  • Unusual examples of miniature rock art found in Australia, possibly made by children

    Australian archaeologists have found some of the most detailed examples of rare and small-scale rock art, virtually miniature, made using the stencil technique or stencil in a rock shelter traditionally used by the Marra people, Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. The research, published i

  • Why is it said that the Founding Mothers of Australia were prostitutes?

    With eight hundred thousand people in the 18th century, London was the largest city in Europe, where the greatest fortunes of the British Empire could be found and the most miserable neighborhoods in which homeless people, petty thieves, prostitutes... simply survived. Crimes against property were t

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