Millennium History

History of Africa

  • Conquest of Ceuta

    The Conquest of Ceuta took place in 1415 and symbolizes the beginning of Portuguese overseas expansion. The objective of the Crown, driven by the bourgeoisie, was to seize the city that received the caravans of Moors that transported gold, ivory, spices and slaves. Portuguese Maritime Expansion W

  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013) was a lawyer, political activist and president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Mandela was one of the leaders of the movement against the apartheid regime in the country and spent 27 years in prison as a result of his political struggle. Biography Nelson Ro

  • North Africa

    The North Africa , North Africa or North Africa, is made up of seven countries:Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia. There is located the second largest desert in the world, the Sahara, which has approximately 9 million km2 extension. It is worth remembering that the Afri

  • Sub-Saharan Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa is the political-geographical term applied to describe the countries of the African continent located in the region south of the Sahara desert. It is one of the poorest regions in the world with high rates of infant mortality, illiteracy and low life expectancy. Countries Sub

  • Economy of Africa

    Africas economy it is guided by the exploitation of natural resources, such as oil, gas and ores such as gold and diamonds. The continent, however, is the poorest in the world, a result of colonial and neo-colonialist exploitation. Agriculture, tourism, the processing industry and services are sti

  • Hunger in Africa

    The Hunger in Africa reaches at least 236 million people, according to data from FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Africa is the continent with the highest number of people affected by hunger. Causes In Africa, the lack of food results from several factors such as

  • General aspects of Africa:map, countries and economy

    The Africa It is the 3rd continent in territorial extension, with 30 million km², occupying 20.3% of the Earths total area. Despite concentrating countless natural resources, the African continent is one of the poorest in the world. Africa is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its western coast an

  • Sharing Africa

    The Sharing Africa is the name by which the division of the African continent was known during the 19th century and which ended with the Berlin Conference (1884-1885). With the economic growth of England, France, the Kingdom of Italy and the German Empire, these countries wanted to advance into Afr

  • Berlin Conference

    The Berlin Conference , proposed by the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), was a meeting between countries to divide the African continent. The imperialist nations of the 19th century were present:United States, Russia, Great Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland

  • Egyptian Art

    Egyptian Art was born more than 3000 years BC. and islinked to religiosity , since most of its statues, paintings, monuments and architectural works are manifested in religious themes. Thus, the interior of the temples, as well as the pieces or spaces related to the cult of the dead, were artistica

  • African Dances

    The African dances they integrate the extensive culture of the African continent and represent one of the many ways of cultural communication. This type of manifestation is of extreme importance to its people, constituting an essential part of life. It is a way to always be connected with their an

  • African Culture

    African culture must always be observed in the plural, given its millenary existence and its vast diversity. Remember that Africa is not a country. Archeology points to Africa as the longest inhabited territory on the planet. This has resulted in a profusion of languages ​​with more than a thousand

  • He lived an exaltation - literally. The amazing story of Szymon Słupnik

    For 37 years he did not leave the tiny platform 18 meters above the ground. Here he ate what he got from people, he slept here, prayed and gave sermons. His only protection against cold, rain, snow, scorching sun and wind was a cape with a hood. In the 5th century, Szymon Słupnik contemplated and gl

  • "Cursed" tablet from Israel

    A few days ago, Israeli portals reported a spectacular discovery. It is about ... a plate measuring 2 by 2 cm. Why is she so special? Dr. Scott Stripling, who leads the international team of researchers, presented the details at a press conference in Houston. Its about a sign that was found on to

  • Competition:"Templars. The rise and fall of the order of holy warriors "

    The Knights of the Temple in novels, series, movies and video games are usually portrayed as power and wealth-hungry black characters. And what the truth looked like, you can find out by reading the book by Dan Jones, The Templars. The Rise and Fall of the Order of Holy Warriors ”, which is a prize

  • Are Muslims Really Not Allowed To Portray Muhammad?

    Formal protests. Mass demonstrations. Attacks. Publishing images of Muhammad, especially caricatured images, almost always provokes violent reactions from Muslims around the world. Why? Does religion really prohibit the followers of Islam from creating images of the Prophet? In September 2005, t

  • Cut off hands are a symbol of bestiality in the Belgian Congo. A tragedy about which the world was silent

    The natives were shot for fun, their hands were cut off, they were boiled alive. For years, no one believed that the famous story Heart of Darkness was based on facts. And the colonial reality was even more brutal. However, there were people who took up the fight against cruelty. Joseph Conrad be

  • Flares under the pyramids, dysentery, bloodshot eyes and a trick. A few words about the life of "desert ghosts"

    Desert Fox wrote about them in his journals. Conditions determined by most soldiers as hell were their everyday life. In order to reach their destination, they only needed a solar compass, a stopwatch and maps of pre-war travelers. They replaced the damaged oil pan with a can of canned food, and in

  • Ramesses II and the temple of Abu Simbel

    He was perhaps the longest reigning and most prominent pharaoh. He created the power of Egypt. Ramses II the Great died three thousand years ago, but his fame continues today. He had about 100 sons and over 50 daughters, was the longest-reigning pharaoh of Egypt, and by building one of the most un

  • Mansa Musa. The richest man in history

    Some say his fortune today would be around $ 450 billion, others say there are no numbers to describe Mansa Musas wealth. Who was the richest man in history, outclassing todays multi-millionaires? Mansa Musa was born in 1280 into the royal family. Before him, Mali was ruled by Musas older brother,

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