Historical story

What was women's life like in the Middle Ages?

They had to fight for their rights, take care of the home, and ... priests had the most say about their bodies. Sounds familiar? The everyday life of medieval women in some respects differed little from the reality known to modern women.

Two respected historians take us on a fascinating journey in the footsteps of medieval women. He shows us the profiles of women fulfilling the role of mothers, exercising power with their husbands and those fleeing from suitors to religious orders. Queens and maidservants. Nuns and murderers. Wives and mistresses. Femme fatale using her body to gain titles and fortune.

Some of them did not shy away from the vilest intrigues and pursued their goals over the corpses. Others showed extraordinary abilities, influenced their husbands' political decisions or fulfilled themselves as caretakers at home. The story of these women is a thrilling journey into the world of medieval systems.

Are you watching Game of Thrones? Could Daenerys or Cersei exist in reality? In creating fascinating and powerful female characters, George R.R. Martin drew heavily on medieval history. Descriptions of courtly intrigues, power struggles and untamed female ambitions were based on real events.

Read the latest volume of the best-selling series by Francis and Joseph Gies "The Life of a Medieval Woman" , which was released by the Znak Horyzont publishing house.

"The Life of a Medieval Woman" is - after the description of life in a 13th-century French city or the struggle of the lower social classes with everyday life in the medieval English village of Elton - another book by outstanding researchers whose works inspired Georg R.R. Martin in the creation of "A Song of Ice and Fire". This is a must-read for his fans and lovers of medieval history.

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