Historical Figures

4. Vallabhbhai did not let any opportunity to laugh pass by

Vallabhbhai got into the habit of laughing and joking since childhood. It was a surprise that he was considered to be the toughest man of his time, but this tough-tempered man would never let any opportunity of mirth go to his hand.

This contradictory nature of his can be seen in his own two statements. At one place he said- 'Your goodness is a hindrance in your path, so let your eyes turn red with anger and face injustice with strong hands.

' In another place Vallabhbhai says- 'Even if we lose thousands of wealth and our life is sacrificed, we should keep smiling and be happy by having faith in God and truth.'

Sardar often used to say that of course action is worship but humor is life. Anyone who takes his life very seriously should be prepared for a frivolous life. Whoever welcomes happiness and sorrow alike, indeed lives the best.