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The city of Nuremberg became the seat of the Nazi party day since 1926. Since Nazism came to power in 1933, the party had all the resources of the state to develop the cities according to its ideology. In 1933 Albert Speer was commissioned by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to build a stadium for major events next to the Ehrenhalle of Nuremberg.

Speer had very few financial resources, because Germany was still affected by the economic crisis arising from the crash of 1929. Hitler's favorite architect limited himself to building a small tribune for 500 party personalities that would be presided over by three large flags red with the swastika. The space between the grandstand and the Ehrenhalle was leveled to accommodate 150,000 attendees.

Speer gave his master touch in preparing for the evening events. With the help of the Luftwaffe, the German air force, 40 light cannons were arranged around the stadium. At night they were lit to create the sensation of being columns of light, creating an atmosphere of communion for all attendees. Albert Speer's good work in preparing this event earned him the friendship of Adolf Hitler, which would remain until his death.

If you want more details about the construction of the Luitpoldarena, Albert Speer himself talks about it at length in his memoirs.

How to get to the Luitpoldarena

The Luitpoldarena was located just in front of the Ehrenhalle. Today it is a public park. To get there you can take tram line 8 to the Luitpoldhain stop. . You can check Nuremberg transport HERE.

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