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"The Temple Army, which is usually the first to fight, is the last to withdraw." Templars in the war of 1120-1312

Good preparation, quick reaction, devotion, fight to the end, personal courage and sacrifice in defense of Christian brothers. This is what the Templars were famous for in the war.

The Knights Templar was founded to defend pilgrims in the Holy Land, and played a great role in fighting Muslims in the Middle East and Europe. Paul Hill's richly illustrated book presents the purely military side of the order, which at its peak had nearly 20,000 members, of which only 10 percent were knights

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The author presents the most important aspects of over two hundred years of medieval armed struggle on the frontiers of Christianity. He writes about financing and supplying monastic troops, their organization, command, tactics and strategy.

Much attention is devoted to the training, social structure and daily life of "brothers who serve in arms". It vividly depicts the monastic fortifications, raids, sieges and battles from which the Templars did not emerge victorious every time, but always with honor.

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