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Augustus is the first Roman emperor. He is Caesar's great-nephew and adopted son. On his death, Octave (first name of Augustus), Marc-Antoine and Lépide form a triumvirate and share the world.

The naval victory of Actium in 31 BC. J.-C consecrates him master of the lands and the seas by definitively ousting all his rivals, Marc-Antoine and Lépide. Cleopatra's Egypt is annexed by Rome.

In 27 BC. J.-C., the Senate awards him the sacred title of Imperator Caesar Augustus :Octave becomes Augustus. He establishes the Principate, a monarchy, hiding behind republican traditions. He holds there all the powers allowing him to restructure Rome. He reforms the army, the judiciary and the administration by extending his domination over Europe and the Middle East. Under his reign, an era of peace was established, favoring the development of arts and letters. He becomes the undisputed model for his successors of all eras, as Alexander the Great was in his time.

Sept. 23, 63 B.C. AD - August 19, AD 14 AD



Roman Emperor

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