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Son of Septimius Severus, Caracalla is known not only for his taste for war, but above all for his various reforms, in particular the Edict of Caracalla, as well as for the construction in Rome of the baths that bear his name.

Very early associated with the political life of the empire, Caracalla and his brother Geta were named caesar by their father then are brought to govern together at his death in 211. However, Caracalla seizes power by assassinating Geta the following year, presenting him to the Senate as the instigator of a plot against him.

Following in the footsteps of his model, Alexander the Great, he led several victorious campaigns in Gaul (213), on the Danube (214), in Egypt (215) and in Syria (216). Particularly unpopular, he was assassinated during this last military campaign in 217. His assassination was attributed to Macrinus, prefect of the praetorium who succeeded him in power.

188 - 217


Roman Emperor

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