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History Exercises on the Congress of Vienna - with answer

Question 01 - UVA/2012.2 - The Congress of Vienna had as main results:A) to help the independence movements in Latin America. B) the maintenance of conservative governments, the restoration of the old borders prior to the French Revolution and the repression of revolutionary movements. C) stop the intervention of the Pope in Spanish domains. D) assist revolutionary movements based on the principles disseminated by the French Revolution.
Question 02 - UFVJM 2014/2 - The Congress of Vienna took place from October 1, 1814 to June 9, 1815, after the defeat of France by Napoleon. It aimed to redraw the borders between European nations and restore thrones to defeated royal families. CHOOSE the alternative that corresponds to a consequence of the Congress of Vienna. a) Portugal and Spain were rewarded with territorial gains and still had their old dynasties restored. b) France should institute a new liberal government under the influence of the clergy and the nobility, maintaining the same territorial limits. c) The idea of ​​balance of power was established, which consisted of dividing Europe's material and human resources in such a way that one country could not be more powerful than the other. d) The condemnation of the slave trade, determining its prohibition south of the Equator
Question 03 - UESB 2011 - The basic idea of ​​the Congress of Vienna was reactionary (that is, retrograde, conservative). Never again should we talk about revolutions, about fighting tyranny, about people in the streets demanding rights! By the will of the diplomats of the Congress of Vienna, until today Europe would have absolute monarchies... (SCHMIDT, 2005, p. 335). To ensure the achievement of the objectives of the Congress of Vienna (1815), a) the Triangular Commerce was organized to control the monopoly between the metropolises and the colonial areas b) the Treaty of Methuen, between England and France, with military and commercial. c) the League of Nations, composed of all the absolutist governments of Europe and America. d) the Holy Alliance, the armed wing of the Restoration, with military and political functions. e) the Portugal+England coalition, to stop the Napoleonic advance in Europe.
Question 04 - UNESP 2014/2 - The Congress of Vienna, between 1814 and 1815, brought together representatives of several European States and resulted in a) the affirmation of the secular character of political regimes and the importance of the separation between State and Church. b) in the creation of the Holy Alliance and in the effort to reaffirm the values ​​of the Ancien Régime. c) in the validation of the new political division of Europe, defined by the Napoleonic conquests. d) in the overthrow of republican regimes and in the monarchic restoration in France and England. e) in defense of the principles of free trade and the emancipation of the colonies in America.
Question 05 - EspCEx 2003 - After the defeat of Napoleon, in 1815, the great European powers met at the Congress of Vienna, with the purpose of reshaping the European political map and taking full advantage of the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire. To prevent France from being harmed by the decisions of that congress, Talleyrand defended the Principle of Legitimacy, according to which a) Napoleon would continue as Emperor of France, but he committed himself to returning the conquered territories to their legitimate holders. b) each European country should once again be ruled by the dynasty that held the throne before 1789 and recover the same domains it had at the time. c) a military alliance would be formed with the right to intervene in any country where movements of a liberal and nationalist character took place. d) the Italian states would be unified, forming a single state under the rule of a king legitimately chosen by the Italians. e) absolutism would be definitively banned from European countries, giving way to legitimate constitutional monarchies.
GABITUDE 01 - Letter B.
02 - Letter C.
03 - Letter D.
04 - Letter B.After the French Revolution, the Congress of Vienna took place, in which the Europeans former kings and the Holy Alliance was created to suppress new cases of liberal rebellions.
05 - Letter B.