History of Asia

The rise of Cao Cao and the warlords who supported it

Masafumi's [ Sangokushi ] Cao Cao has been written since his birth.

[ Emperor Taiso Wudi was born in Pei Commandery ] Is written. However, in this era, if his parents were born in Pei Commandery, even if he was born in another area, he would be the hometown as it is, so I do not know the actual place.

He is known for his ruthless personality, but he was cheerful and laughing at the liquor table while entertaining guests. The literature also states that he was drunk and thrust his head into his tableware, making his crown sticky.

This time, I would like to write about the birth of Cao Cao and the conflict between Yuan Shao.

He was inconvenienced because he was adopted by the eunuch official.

For the time being, the Cao family is supposed to be a descendant of the prestigious Chancellor Cao Shen, who helped Emperor Gaozu from an early stage and made great achievements in the founding of the Han dynasty.

However, the birth situation is further complicated because Cao Cao's father is adopted by the eunuch official.

Cao Cao's grandfather, Cao Teng Has risen to the highest position as a eunuch official, the eunuch official, Ochoaki, but the fact that he could not get a key position without becoming a eunuch official is also evidence that the Cao family itself had fallen considerably. ..

Later, Cao Cao told the famous literary artist Chen Lin [the ugliness of luxury] =[the fucking son of a ballless guy] . Is being slandered by my grandfather.

Since he was a child, his head turned well and was sly, so [Ama] =[sly wise] Was called. Since he was a kid, he loved hunting with hawks and dogs and seemed to have been playing around. If you were going to advance in the government during the Eastern Han era, you would never be evaluated unless you were well-behaved and well-behaved.

Still, it was recommended because his father was a high-ranking government official.

It was a naughty boss Cao Cao, but after he became a servant, he showed his abilities by suppressing the domineering of the eunuch official and uncovering injustice, but he has already died and the effect of changing the Han government is not obtained. It was.

Meanwhile, he served in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but at this point he had no position or honor to aim for the world.

Cao Cao was properly taught by his teacher when he was young.

At that time, Confucianism was the scholarship, but there were two places to study.

One is to teach personally by a university student like Lu Zhi. The second is taught by high-ranking central government bureaucrats and disciples of local gentry [ Taixue . It was to study at a modern national university called】.

Of course, Cao Cao was the son of a high-ranking official, so he learned from the latter, but in Taixue, besides studying academics, it was also an important place to build personal connections.

In Taixue, young bureaucratic reserves and scholars' eggs gather from all over the country. Getting to know these people from an early stage, making connections with them, and making connections will have a big impact on the world after employment.

In such a place, it was necessary to make a name for yourself by having a drink and having a discussion together.

Also, it is a big merit to meet already famous people and scholars, and Cao Cao was first evaluated by Qiao Xuan, but he was introduced to a person called Xu Shao because he was worried that he did not have fame yet. rice field.

This person, Xu Shao, says that his criticism was so famous that his criticism was so popular. So what kind of person is Cao Cao? [Noh of the reign, the hero of the turbulent world] And the essence is seen.

Cao Cao's human mind grasping technique

Cao Cao, as the captain of the cavalry, defeated the Yellow Turban in the river southeast of Luoyang when the Yellow Turban Rebellion occurred. Phase Was appointed to.

[ Country in Eastern Han ] Is about the same size as the county, but the county is governed by a taishou appointed from the center, while the country is a nominal lord of the emperor clan and a senior vassal who has made great contributions. Since then, he was a local secretary who was almost the same rank as the county taishou.

Cao Cao, who governs Jinan, witnessed corruption rampant there.

Therefore, Cao Cao cleaned up the local government by dismissing 80% of the bureaucrats who were backed by influential people. And he put up a ban on evil spirits that were still prevalent after the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

The basis of Cao Cao's political method after that was [ Carrot and stick . ] Was used properly.

Thoroughly eliminate privately connected bureaucratic forces and concentrate all power on yourself. This was a political method that was repeated even after the Emperor Xian was in his hands.

There are many enemies, but it is the great place of Cao Cao to pull it off.

Also, by banning wickedness and corruption, the support of the people will be greatly drawn. In the late Han Dynasty, people and merchants suffered from terrible intake, I wrote in an article about the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

This exploitation was more severe than the exploitation of eunuch officials and gentry, so getting rid of them led to an appeal to the world. Cao Cao used these candies and whips properly and ascended to the position of power.

The talented civilian officials and staff who supported Cao Cao

It was Cao Cao who was actively promoted even if he was an enemy military commander if he was capable.

Cao Cao is Xun Yu who is the best person among the following civilian officials. Probably.

When I left Yuan Shao and came to Cao Cao, [ My Zhang Liang * came ] It seems that he was a human resource who was pleased. * Zhang Liang is the best staff member of Emperor Gaozu

The great thing about Xun Yu is that he was not only a civilian official but a tactician in his head, but also had a high military practical ability to take on the absence while Cao Cao was in battle and defend his home base. ..

In fact, Xun Yu gives advice at decisive points in the battle with Lu Bu and the battle with Yuan Shao. Its characteristic is the thorough realism that directly faces the reality. In that sense, it can be said that Xun Yu was a faithful alter ego of Cao Cao.

Next, Cheng Yu So, he is also strong in the war despite being a civilian official, and there is a heroic story that he repelled the rebel army who responded to Yellow Turban from his village when he was young. It seems that he had many opportunities to stay at home with Xun Yu when he was under Cao Cao, but he was also a staff member who could make a calm decision at just the right time.

Another thing you can't miss is Guo Jia So, unlike Xun Yu and Cheng Yu, I was able to formulate and predict long-term strategies that were proactive rather than realistic measures that seemed to be staff members. Guo Jia was already dead at the time of the Battle of Red Cliffs, but Cao Cao himself lamented that Guo Jia would be the only one on the Red Cliffs.

Besides, Xun Yu's nephew, Xun Yu and Jia Xu Warrior like, Hua Xin, Zhong Yao The talented administrative officers who said that are joining the Cao Cao camp one after another.

It is said that the reason why many talented civilian officials gathered is that the name of Cao Cao became known to Yingchuan. Yingchuan was a city in the southeastern part of Luoyang, and many talented bureaucrats and cultural figures were produced.

The Xun Yu and Xun Yu clan are also members of the knowledge class from Yingchuan, and even the talented civilian officials who were recommended by Guo Jia and Zhong Yao from Xun Yu and did not remain in history joined the former Cao Cao camp of these connections. It was.

Thanks to these talented civilian officials and staff, as history progresses, the Cao Cao army will not have to worry about soldiers and supply shortages, and will be ready for war. It is said that this is because the territory was governed and production was smoothly maintained by excellent administrative officers.

Cao Cao Clan's talented military commander, Xiahou Clan

The lower generation of Cao Cao is also written in the official history, but only the father knows about the brothers and older generations. Therefore, it is not clear to be honest even if it is called a clan military commander.

There is a record that Cao's father was adopted by Cao from the Xiahou clan, and the military commander of the Cao clan is clearly written in the official history.

Xiahou Dun Has been a person since Cao Cao raised his troops, has been acting with him for a long time, and has the highest reliability. Xiahou Yuan Is also acting with Cao Cao as his cousin and military commander at the beginning of the launch.

Also, Cao Ren / Cao Hong Are Cao Cao's cousins, who are also very talented and initially members as military commanders.

Not to mention Cao Cao's genius tactics, but the fact that his clan had many excellent warlords was by far the best among the group. In the turbulent times, no matter how good your subordinates are, the first match is another person. I don't know when I will betrayed.

In that respect, being a member of the same clan meant belonging to the same fateful community in this era.

Protecting this solidarity will live in the future as an important step toward trade-in, unlike Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, Yuan, who have repeatedly rebelled against each other despite being of the same family.

The warlords who supported the Cao Cao army

Not only the clan warlords since the troops were raised, but also the brave warlords in the Cao Cao camp.

At the beginning of the launch, Cao Cao had many opportunities to take the lead himself, so a bodyguard to protect him was indispensable.

It was Dian Wei that was adopted there. was.

Fighting Lu Bu While Cao Cao struggles to the point of being injured, Dian Wei leads an assault corps and makes an outstanding performance. Since then, he has been escorting Cao Cao, but due to Zhang Xiu's rebellion, he finally took the place of Cao Cao and died in a fierce battle.

Xu succeeded Dian Wei And he also saves dangerous scenes many times by Cao Cao. It seems that it was tough at the beginning of the launch so that even Cao Cao would not have a life without these two people.

Every time I got through such a pinch, many brave warlords gathered in the Cao Cao camp. First of all, from the subordinate of Yang Feng Xu Huang From Lu Bu Zhang Liao , Zhang He from Yuan Shao The generals who supported Cao Cao in the military aspect were gathered.

The great thing about Cao Cao was that he was a subordinate of the enemy before, but as soon as he learned that he was a good military commander, he was entrusted with some important operations. .. One theory is that he is a confirmation of a person's abilities and loyalty, but it goes without saying that doing so requires considerable preparedness.

Later, after Cao Cao disappeared from the front line, mid-career hires, led by his clan warlords, fought wars in various places to support the Cao Cao corps.

Cao Cao's main corps [Qingdao soldiers]

When Dong Zhuo was assassinated in Chang'an, Cao Cao was asked by Bao Xin, who had a close relationship with him, to be the Yellow Turban of Qingdao. ] Was fighting. The battle was extremely melee, and the client, Bao Xin, defended Cao Cao and died in the war, but he was able to win the battle.

After the battle, Cao Cao received a letter from the Yellow Turban.

Looking at this sentence, it seems that Cao Cao is in a good mood in honor of the cult group Yellow Turban Rebellion banning evil spirits. If you think about it, the Yellow Turban Rebellion was originally a poor people. The policies taken by Cao Cao so far are proof of widespread acceptance at the people's level.

Cao Cao successfully surrendered the Yellow Turbans and accommodated 300,000 soldiers and more than one million other men and women. Hundreds of thousands of people is about the population of one small state. Then, carefully select the elite soldiers from them [ Qingdao soldiers ], And became the main force of the Cao Cao army after that, and put it into battle with strong enemies.

However, there is a story that when Cao Cao died, the surviving Qingdao soldiers offered to return to their hometown, and the Qingdao soldiers may have had some secret agreement with Cao Cao when they surrendered.

After joining the Qingdao soldiers in this way, the Cao Cao army became dramatically stronger.

Originally, a religious unity was completed, and there was a sense of solidarity that the bandits in that area did not have, and the Qingdao soldiers were also excellent in their qualities as Mr. Taira. Even now, the wording from Shandong, where Qingdao was, is said to be tall, well-built, and suitable for soldiers.

Cao Cao's expansion and dedication

After the Dong Zhuo Union disassembled in the air, Yuan Shao formed an alliance with Liu Biao and Yuan Shu with Gongsun Zan.

The other group of males repeatedly stuck to and separated from the two major powers of Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu while expanding their powers, and fought each other in mainland China.

At that time, Cao Cao, who was a weak force among the group male names, finally settled in Yanzhou near Luoyang, accepted the surrendered Qingzhou soldiers, and expanded his armament. It was at this time that Cao Cao joined the ranks of the group in earnest.

For the time being, Cao Cao is attacking Yuan Shu on Yuan Shao and Liu's front side.

Yuan Shu had previously lost Sun Jian in the battle with Liu Biao and had to escape far south. However, when his father was killed by the Yuan Shu sect who ruled Xuzhou, he attacked Tao Qian and messed up the whole area of ​​Xuzhou.

The killing of his parents in this era is very intolerable and will damage his reputation if he does not retaliate against it.

When Tao Qian died, Liu Bei and Lu Bu took over the rule, but Cao Cao also defeated them.

And Cao Cao comes to a turning point in his life.

It escaped from Chang'an, which was extremely confused after Dong Zhuo's death [ Emperor Xian ] Rolled under Cao Cao. That said, taking on the emperor means that the governmental organization of the Eastern Han will also take on it, so I am not happy to let go.

In fact, it was a hassle and Yuan Shu did not take over the emperor.

However, by carrying the emperor, Cao Cao's army became [ government 】It means that. There is no real profit, but the cause of the command to the world will stand, and it will come into effect later.

Around this time, Cao Cao was [ Tonda ] We will start an epoch-making production system called.

The land where the Lord has disappeared due to the war is made public and lent to the peasants who have become migrants, and some percentage of the harvest is collected Thanks to this policy, the military's food procurement prospects, which have always been with us, have become clear.

In this way, Cao Cao solidified the ground toward the control of the whole of China.

Then, he will fight for the hegemony of Nakahara and cross the blade with Yuan Shao.