History of Asia

[Beginning of rude lecture] Emperor Go-Daigo went on his own during the Kamakura period! ??

"Today is'Bureiko'!"

It's a line that you almost always hear at a drinking party such as a year-end party.

And a banquet that transcends the boundaries between his boss and his subordinates begins ...

It wasn't until the Kamakura Shogunate era that the act of "Bureiko" began to take place for the first time. The meaning has not changed from the present.

And I was surprised that it was the greatest emperor who did this for the first time.

96th generation Go-Daigo ( Godaigo ) Emperor ..

Isn't it one of the emperors who is so well-known that he competes for one or two?

The defeat plan was discovered and once exiled, but after that, the Emperor who destroyed the Kamakura Shogunate is.

The secret talk "Bureiko" at that time played a role.

So, this time, I will introduce the relationship between "Emperor Go-Daigo", "Defeat" and "Bureiko".

By the way, if you change "Bureiko" to Chinese characters, it becomes "Rude lecture". I never thought that there was a Chinese character.

What is Emperor Go-Daigo after the destruction of the Kamakura Shogunate?

Generals of the Kamakura Shogunate!

1288 , Born as the second prince of the 91st emperor.

The era was around the time of the 7th Shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, but the first Shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo ( Tomo Minamoto ) Yoritomo's wife, Hojo Masako ( Masako Hojo ) Mr. Hojo is the de facto supreme leader of the Kamakura Shogunate It was.

Kuge ( Kuge ) Two generals have been born from Mr. Fujiwara and four generals from the imperial family, but they are almost decorations . That's how it was.

Became the 96th emperor ... ⁉︎

1318 , I will be enthroned at the late age of 31 years.

There is a reason for this, and his half-brother 94th Emperor Go-Nijo Middle reliever to become an adult and take the throne because the first prince of It was.

For the Kamakura Shogunate, who has been denied the succession of his own descendants to the throne, and whose father, who was his emeritus, is in charge of affairs, and who approves these. Dissatisfaction Gradually increased.

Two "defeat plans" !!

Around 34 He started politics on behalf of his father, but violently opposed his position that he was only a middle reliever emperor and planned a defeat . I will try.

However, while aides are calling on samurai and influential people in various places, a plan is discovered . I will do it.

While his aides were being punished, Emperor Go-Daigo presented the explanation to the shogunate and "was irrelevant" . There was no blame for the judgment.

After that, he secretly proceeded with the defeat plan, but the number of allies was too small and he gradually fell into a difficult situation.

A close notice of an aide reveals another plan to overthrow .. Emperor Go-Daigo has three types of sacred treasures and escapes from the Kyoto Imperial Palace in the guise of a woman. Start raising troops I did.

However, he was defeated and captured before the overwhelming force of the Shogunate army Oki Islands ( Oki Islands ) Exile in (Shimane) It will become.

Emperor Go-Daigo escaped from Oki Islands in less than a year from exile ..

Originally the Shogunate, the first Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, Takashi Ashikaga ( Ashikaga Takauji ) By the side of Mr. (Takauji) and others, Kamakura was defeated and Mr. Hojo was destroyed.

After returning to Kyo, Emperor Go-Daigo was the emperor's own politics, " Kenmu ( ). Kenmu ) New Government " However, Takauji-san showed opposition to this and confronted Will continue to do.

With the opening of a new imperial court in Yoshino (now Nara) by Emperor Go-Daigo, two imperial courts, the Kyoto imperial court and the Yoshino imperial court, and two emperors stand side by side in the "North and South Dynasties" Has begun.

I will explain the "rude lecture" for the time being!

"Rude lecture" Is "a place for banquets where you can enjoy your position without going up and down" It means that everyone is using it as it is.

On the contrary, "Courtesy" There is also the word, "God and people eat the same thing" as an ancient Japanese Shinto ritual The ritual of receiving sake dedicated to God from a high-ranking person is called "religion."

There are proper rituals such as seating location, order of drinks, and cup procedure.

And, the meeting that eliminates the formalness after the "religious lecture" is called "rude lecture".

Even if you make a mistake, "Rudeness is OK-!" It doesn't mean that.

In the first place, the Chinese character for "don't care" is different. confusing.

"Rude lecture" held to defeat the Kamakura Shogunate! !!

Emperor Go-Daigo secretly started a plan to defeat him, but it was discovered in advance and his aides were punished. " Midline ( Shochu ) Weird " ..

At the time of this plan, secret talk of the defeat in the name of rudeness Was done.

eboshi ( Eboshi ) We had a banquet in which we took off our clothes and sang and sang with a few girls.

This is said to be the origin of "rude lecture".

Suddenly, the person who was there to drink and talk with the emperor would not have been able to hide his confusion. It's still difficult, but it's even more so in an era when there was no such thing as a "rude lecture."

Even at that time, "Today is a rude lecture!" What were you screaming for?