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[Matsudaira Katamori] Is the boss of the Shinsengumi younger? What is the real face of the young Aizu feudal lord?

Matsudaira Katamori ( Matsudairakatamori ) Do you know

The name is hard to read, but you've probably heard it once.

" Kyoto Shugoshoku And " Shinsengumi boss If you combine it with " Ah! Isn't it?

Actually, this person is the boss of the Shinsengumi, but Shinsengumi director, Isami Kondo ( Kondo Isami ) Sanya Deputy Director Hijikata Toshizo ( Hijikata Toshizo ) I'm 1-2 years younger than Mr. ..

Young actors are played in dramas, so you may not have said "I know!".

So, this time, I would like to introduce Mr. Matsudaira Katamori, who was also the boss of the Shinsengumi, who was active in the role of Kyoto Shugoshoku at the end of the Edo period.

Ieyasu Tokugawa ( Tokugawa Ieyasu ) Mr. and Mr. Mito Komon's model Mitsukuni Tokugawa ( To get angry ) He is also a descendant of Mr. ..

I wasn't born in Aizu!

1836 , Born in the Edo Yotsuya clan's residence as the 7th son of the lord of the Takasu clan (Gifu prefecture).

Around 10 years old , Uncle, 8th feudal lord of the Aizu clan, Matsudaira Katataka ( Matsudairakatataka ) Married to her daughter, Mukoyoshi It will be.

Bishonen that the people of the Aizu family make noise It seems that it was.

"Do your loyalty to the Tokugawa family" Aizu's family style Will be taught.

However, this "Aizu clan family training" was later Yang Earth Dragon ( Boshin ) It is also said to be the tragedy of Aizu in the war.

Descendants of Ieyasu Tokugawa and Komon Mito!

Katamori's grandfather was adopted by the Takasu domain, and was originally Tokugawa Gosanke . The lineage of the "Mito Tokugawa family" Therefore, Ieyasu, who created the Tokugawa Shogunate, and Mito Komon, the second feudal lord of the Mito Tokugawa family, have inherited the lineage of Tokugawa Mitsukuni.

I didn't imagine it because my last name is different.

Become a "Kyoto Shugoshoku" at the age of 26!

Matsudaira Katamori, the 9th feudal lord of the Aizu clan!

Around 16 years old , 8th feudal lord, Katataka died, Aizu feudal lord 9th feudal lord ..

Around 24 years old , Elder Naosuke Ii ( Ii Naosuke ) Was assassinated by the Mito Dappan Ronin " Sakuradamon Incident Will happen.

In order to make the Mito family take this responsibility, a dispute between the Owari family and the Tokugawa Gosanke family of the Kii family is about to occur, but Mr. Katamori made an effort to resolve this.

It inherits the blood of the Mito family, so it must not have been overlooked. It is the blood of Mito Komon.

Did you keep refusing the Kyoto Shugoshoku?

In Kyoto at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, as the authority of the Edo Shogunate declined, radical ronin from all over the country gathered and the security was the worst.
Assassinations and robbery were commonplace.

It was Mr. Katamori, the lord of the Aizu domain, who pointed the arrow of Shirahane there.

However, Mr. Katamori "I am not confident that I will be such a big man, and my vassals are not familiar with the customs of the city. If something goes wrong, I will have to make up for the Tokugawa family with death."

The vassals also "The current situation in the shogunate is bad, and now it's like carrying firewood on your back to save the fire!" I was against it by saying good things.

Later general Yoshinobu Tokugawa ( Yoshinobu Tokugawa ) Sanya Fukui feudal lord Matsudaira Yoshinaga ( Matsudaira Shungaku ) Will try to persuade him to solicit day and night.
Finally, "Aizu clan's family morals are with the Tokugawa family and may be to protect them !?"

With this one word, Mr. Katamori had no choice but to consent. It's a little sly.

Impressed by Mr. Katamori's feelings about Aizu's family lessons, his vassals "Let's make Kyo a place to die!" He said he hugged his shoulder and cried.

"This will destroy Aizu" Did you say that?

The Kyoto Shugoshoku was such a difficult task, wasn't it?

And around 26 , Mr. Katamori finally took on this role.

Matsudaira Katamori in Kyoto

Soon, I will move from Aizu to Kyoto.

There is an opinion that Katamori will head to Kyo by a warship, which was novel at that time, and Mr. Katamori agrees with this, but he receives fierce opposition from the elders.

"How can we, who grew up in a mountainous country with little voyage experience, protect you on the sea !?"

It is a line of a picture-like elder.

This elder is Saigo Tanomo ( Saigo Uta no ) He was a person who was categorically opposed to the Kyoto Shugoshoku.

I imagine a person who is quite old with the title of Yoromo and the elder, and the image of the drama, but it is only about 6 years old from Katamori.

"Kojido Kai" that draws on the opinions of the Ronin

Mr. Katamori said, " Sakoku ", which is the idea of ​​the emperor. " Joi to drive away foreigners from the people ( Good ) While respecting, absorb the strengths of foreign countries and equip them with armaments such as warship cannons.

He gradually " opened " while accepting "Sakoku Joi". I try to direct his thoughts to.

This idea was highly appreciated by the emperor.

In order to maintain the security of Kyoto, it was not a force to suppress it, but " Kojidokai ( Genro Dokai ) We will come up with a policy to capture the opinions of the people below.

"The Ronin makes a noise because his opinions don't go up, you can understand each other by talking."

It's a very good boss.

"You don't have to devise a plan! In the end, one-sided loyalty always wins!" I also say.

Shinsengumi becomes "Aizu clan custody"!

Around that time, an incident occurs. " Ashikaga Sandai wooden statue Gokumon ( Ashikaga Daimoku Daimoku ) Incident "is.

The first shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, Ashikaga Takauji , at a temple in Kyoto ( Ashikaga Takauji ) , 2nd generation, Yoshiakira ( Akira Yoshi ) , 3rd generation, Yoshimitsu ( Yoshimitsu ) An incident in which the neck and mortuary tablet of a wooden statue were exposed to the Kamo River.

Mr. Katamori was also very angry at this! "Don't forgive!"

The following month, Isami Kondo came up to Kyoto from Edo as a shogun escort. Sanya Hijikata Toshizo "Aizu clan custody" As a result, I was asked to maintain the security of Kyoto.

And the Shinsengumi will make an outstanding performance in the town of Kyoto to meet Mr. Katamori's expectations.

To the tragedy of the Aizu War.

At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, the Edo Shogunate began to fight with the Satsuma domain and the Choshu domain, and Yoshinobu Tokugawa, who became the last shogun, said, " Taisei Hokan ( Taisei Hokan ) And returned the politics to the imperial court, and two months later, " Restoration ( " Ousei Fukko ) Great Command The Shogunate and Kyoto Shugoshoku are abolished It became.

" Battle of Toba-Fushimi " of the new government army VS the old shogunate army The Boshin War will start.

The former shogunate army is hostile to the imperial court, " thief army Then, we proceeded to the opening of Edo Castle and the Battle of Aizu.


This time, we introduced Mr. Matsudaira Katamori, who is also the boss of the Shinsengumi and is famous for the "Kyoto Shugoshoku" that protects the security of Kyoto.

He was still in his twenties when he was a guardian of Kyoto, and he was younger than Shinsengumi's Isami Kondo and Toshizo Hijikata, and he seemed to be quite popular with women in Aizu and Kyoto.

He also had a good idea that listening to the opinions of the Ronin would lead to the protection of public order.

What's more, it's surprising that he didn't really want to be a Kyoto Shugoshoku.