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National Symbols:flag, coat of arms, seal and anthem

The National Symbols - flag, coat of arms, seal and anthem - implemented by Law No. 5,700, of September 1, 1971, represent the union of our country.

Included in the Constitution, they have great historical value and identify the Brazilian nation. Together, they signal the nation's sense of unity as well as the country's sovereignty.

All countries in the world have national symbols. They are used in events (ceremonies, sporting events, etc.) and official documents.

It is worth remembering that National Symbols Day is celebrated on the 18th of September.

National Flag

The national flag was established on November 19, 1889. It is composed of a green rectangle, a superimposed yellow rhombus and a blue circle with white stars, across which a white band with the positivist national motto:“ Order and Progress ”.

The colors of the flag - green and yellow - are inherited from the imperial flag, and signify the House of Bragança (green) and the House of Habsburg (yellow).

In addition, the colors refer to the riches of our country:green of the woods and forests, yellow of gold, blue of the sky.

The stars symbolize the country's 27 federative units (26 states and the Federal District).

Their arrangement represents the constellation Cruzeiro do Sul, on November 15, 1889, in Rio de Janeiro, when the Republic of the country was proclaimed.

Every week, in public and private schools, the national flag must be hoisted, a law that came into force in 2009. Remember that National Flag Day is celebrated on November 19th.

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National Weapons

The National Arms, or the Coat of Arms of the Republic, was created by engineer Artur Zauer during the government of Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca. It is a figure used in public buildings.

Its use is mandatory by the Armed Forces and the three branches:Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

The coat of arms is represented by a round celestial blue shield, which is supported by a five-pointed star. In the center, there is the Southern Cross constellation that is on a sword.

On top of the sword is written “Federative Republic of Brazil ”, on the left “November 15th ”, and “from 1889 ”, on the right.

Around it is a crown formed by a branch of coffee on the right and another of flowering tobacco on the left.

National Seal

Created in the government of Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, the national seal is used in official documents (letters, diplomas, certificates, etc.) in order to authenticate government acts.

It is represented by a sphere with the stars of the flag that indicate the 27 federative units of the country.

It bears the inscription "Federative Republic of Brazil " and in the middle a white band with the national motto:"Order and Progress ".

National Anthem

To commemorate the Independence of Brazil (1822), the Brazilian national anthem was composed by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada (1870-1927) and Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795-1865).

It is sung in unison at the openings of civic, patriotic, cultural, sporting, school and religious events.

Thus, in addition to raising the flag, the national anthem must be sung at least once a week in public and private schools across the country.

National Anthem Day is celebrated on April 13.

Lyrics of the Brazilian National Anthem

Part I

They heard the placid banks of Ipiranga
From a heroic people the resounding cry,
And the sun of Liberty, in blazing rays,
It shone in the sky of the Fatherland at that moment.

If the pledge of this equality
We managed to conquer with a strong arm,
In your bosom, O Liberty,
Our chest defies death itself!

O beloved Motherland,
Save! Save!

Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray,
Of love and hope the earth descends,
If in your beautiful sky, smiling and limpid,
The image of the Cruise shines.

Giant by nature,
You are beautiful, you are strong, fearless colossus,
And your future mirrors that greatness.

Land beloved
Among other thousand
It's you, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!
Of the children of this soil
You are kind mother,
Beloved homeland,

Part I

Lying eternally in a splendid cradle,
To the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,
Fulgures, O Brazil, flower of America,
Illuminated in the New World sun!

Than the earth, brighter,
Your laughing, beautiful fields have more flowers;
"Our forests have more life",
"Our life" in your bosom "more loves."

O beloved Motherland,
Save! Save!

Brazil, of eternal love be a symbol
The labarum that you bear, starred,
And say the green-blonde of this pennant
- "Peace in the future and glory in the past."

But if you lift up a strong club from justice,
You will see that a son of yours does not run away from the fight,
Nor fear, who adore you, death itself.

Land beloved,
Among a thousand others,
It's you, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!
Of the children of this soil you are a gentle mother,
Beloved homeland,

Music of the Brazilian National Anthem

National Anthem of Brazil - Official

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