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The worst strategist in history.

We have already talked in this blog about Aníbal and of Scipio , but there was a meeting between the two, already exiled, in the court of King Antiochus that has me "fly". After discussing the issues of the time (soccer, women, wine, wars...) the Roman general asked the Carthaginian:

Who do you think have been the best generals/strategists in history?

Alexander, Pyrrhus and Hannibal in this order.

What if you had defeated me in Zama?

Then I would be the first, Aníbal answered.

For Hannibal (for me the best) and for Scipio I have little to say but Pyrrhus... it is highly debatable.

Pyrrhus was the king of Epirus in the 4th century BC. The extent of his territory increased during his reign and he triumphed in many battles… but at too high a price. In many of the victories he won, the human and material losses were greater than the gains (in “honor” of Pirro the term “pyrrhic victory was coined. «). After the narrow victory in the battle of Ausculum against the Roman legions, he pronounced the famous phrase of him:

Another victory like this and I'm lost.

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