History of Europe

Westminster Abbey builder! Edward the Confessor (Rex Sacrorum)

When the founder of the Dane dynasty, Cnut, died, the problem of succession arose.

Harthacnut, the son of Canute, once became King of England, but died for five years, and between Canuto and Emma, ​​the daughter of the Duke of Normandy, Harthacnut also died in two years. The Dane dynasty will be cut off in the third generation.

It was Edward, who would later be called the "concessor," who succeeded him.

Edward was the son of Ezelred, who was called the King of Thoughts, and had another brother, who is said to have been assassinated by Godwin, Earl of Wessex, England's most influential aristocrat. Godwin's speculation was working.

Godwin had married his daughter Edith to Edward and, orientally speaking, was planning to manipulate England's politics behind the scenes as a consort kin.

King of England who does not speak English

It is not uncommon for successive British kings to not speak English.

"Reigns but does not rule"

This is the word of Queen Victoria's time later, but the king of England had a long-standing tendency to choose a person who was convenient for the aristocrats. It is British politics that protects vested interests rather than poorly innovative politics.

In Japan, vested interests are hereditary politicians, large business owners, bureaucrats and doctors, but in the UK they are clearly aristocrats.

However, the king's power was immense, and Edward, who became King of England, consolidated his close vassals with his vassals during the Duke of Normandy, the French-speaking people.

Godwin and other English princes, who intended to make Edward a puppet, intensified their opposition.

However, as the enemy of the enemy is an ally, Edward teams up with Count Mercia and Count Northumbria, who are from the Seven Kingdoms, to expel Godwin.

It's not ridiculous in the hated childhood, but it's not the kind of person who withdraws as if such a person seems to be high.

In 1052, when Godwin landed in England again, he abolished Edward's close associates and literally turned Edward into a puppet.

However, in 1053, Godwin died suddenly, and his son Harold took control. At this time, the Welsh princes who thought that the turmoil of England was an opportunity invaded England, but Harold broke down, and the lords centered on Harold left the politics of England as "too strong vassals (over mighty subjects"). I succeeded in making it.

The beginning of the three-way battle

The Holy King Edward's testimony also reached 50, but there was no heir. There he appointed his successor, Guillaume, the head of his native Normandy, and in 1066 Edward died.

Those who are familiar with world history may come to mind in this year of 1066.

The incident that began with the death of the Holy King Edward was later called "Norman Conquest" in history.

Many people may not be familiar with the name Guillaume, but Guillaume eventually changed his name to William the Conqueror and became the king of England.

In 1066, the Norman dynasty began.

Personal evaluation of the Holy King of Edward

Called "Edward the Confessor," translated as Edward the Confessor, he is sometimes referred to as Edward the Confessor, and unfortunately he has been Count Wessex ever since he came to England. It was a puppet of.

Perhaps because of that background, he was very enthusiastic about the Christian faith and built the famous Westminster Abbey in this Edwardian, and successive British kings said that the Westminster Abbey's "Room of Edward". It is a tradition to be crowned in "The Confessor" and is listed as a Christian saint.

He may have laid the foundations of Britain in every sense, including Norman Conquest and the rise of aristocrats.