Ancient history

Neanderthal man predominates

Neanderthal man predominates (c. 100,000 BC - Europe): A robust subspecies of Homo sapiens took over as the dominant group in Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The Neanderthal man, as this subspecies is known, is taller than other species (up to 1.72 meters), has a large brain, powerful jaw and large teeth, a forward projecting face and a prominent forehead border above the forehead. broad and flat nose. In the warmer climates of Southeast Asia, however, he is less burly and has less rugged features.

Threat of the Beasts

Very little is known about its habits and abilities, although it is likely that it moves in groups as a form of protection against attacks by wild beasts. He not only uses his stone weapons and other implements to cut meat and make food more palatable, but also to pluck hides and make them into garments. Neanderthals living in Western Europe are generally more than their brethren from North Africa and Asia.

Some observers believe that these Europeans acquired these physical characteristics as an adaptation to the continent's colder conditions, as robustly built people find it easier to keep warm. With a climate seemingly set for yet another major change, likely another major glaciation, Neanderthals in Europe will have to decide whether to join their warmer brethren or stay in the area, which, while familiar, will become increasingly hostile. .


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