Ancient history

Universities of the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, a large part of the population did not have access to knowledge, not even the basics of reading and writing, and had no prospect in life of retaining such knowledge. knowledge.

What happened in this period is what happens today, financial disparities and opportunities. In the Middle Ages reading and writing were the privilege of a narrow part of the population, made up of church members and merchants.

The first medieval schools were installed and were governed by churches and monasteries, from the twelfth century onwards, there was an awareness about education, as training was important in commerce, which used writing and calculation, and in the same period schools emerged. outside the church.

Universities began in the 13th century as a kind of association of professors and students that came together to question the authorities, the university in France emerged from an association of professors and the university in Italy was composed of students.

The universities of the Middle Ages allowed free thought and ideologies within their dependencies, at this time there was a faculty of arts, medicine, law and theology, all classes were taught in Latin as well as most of the written works.

In the 11th century a varied literature was developed:Epic poetry (talked about heroes and honor), amorous poetry (talked about love and admiration for women) and Romance (war, adventure and love).

In the field of philosophy, the main ones were Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas, the first defended reason and the spiritual world as superior and the second affirmed that man should not rely on religion.

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