Ancient history

UN - United Nations

At the end of the Second World War, the concern grew with world peace. On October 24, 1945, representatives of fifty nations gathered at the San Francisco Conference created the United Nations, known as the UN.

The UN, whose headquarters are in New York , is still today the main international organization and essentially aims to:

- Preserve world peace and security;

- Stimulate international cooperation in the economic, social, cultural and humanitarian areas;

- Promote respect for individual freedoms and human rights.

The six main bodies of the UN are:

- Security advice

- General meeting

- Guardianship Council

- Secretariat

- International Court of Justice

- Economic and Social Council

It is good to remember that the UN Security Council has not always fulfilled its objective. In 1963, for example, it failed to prevent the United States from intervening in the Vietnam War.

This confirms the right of veto that permanent members have. Making use of this right, the Americans simply veto proposals contrary to their participation in the war.