Ancient history


Spendios, who died in 238 BCE, was a Campanian mercenary leader.

He was extraordinarily strong and courageous. A former slave defector from the Romans, he was ready to do anything to not be returned to his master, which would have meant certain death for him. He was the main responsible for the breakdown of negotiations with the Carthaginians in -241. He was in charge of the siege of Utica with Autarite but had to lift the siege in -240, his forces being defeated by the troops of Hamilcar Barca. Following a new defeat against Hamilcar and Naravas the Numidian, Spendios feared that the mercenaries would surrender, and he then made the war inexpiable by the despicable murder of Gisco in -239. From then on, there was no longer a quarter on either side. Spendios continued to scour the countryside for plunder and raids, but was soon surrounded with Autaritus in the Scie Pass by Hamilcar. He sacrificed himself to try in vain to save his men from the vengeance of the Carthaginians, and was brought back to face Tunis, held by his friend Matho in -238. There he was crucified before the city walls.

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