Ancient history

Asgard (Asgard)

In Norse mythology, Ásgard or Asgard (Old Norse Ásgarðr, "citadel of the Aesir"), is the city of the Aesir, located either in the sky or at the center of the world. Odin and his brothers built it after creating human beings. Odin established himself in the center of the city, on the Idavoll, and appointed twelve other Aesir to reign with him. They built there a temple called Gladsheim where they sat, and another for the Asynes, called Vingolf. Also found in Asgard are Valhalla and Odin's throne, the Hlidskialf.

The city of Asgard is surrounded by an impassable wall, built by a giant, after the war against the Vanes. This world is the highest in the hierarchy of the Norse worlds, as opposed to Muspellheim.

Asgard is repeatedly equated with Troy, under the term, it seems, of "Ancient Asgard".

Midgard and Ásgard are connected by Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge, guarded by Heimdall.

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