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Jawaharlal Nehru's attack on the idea of ​​Pakistan

While in London Rahmat Ali was denying Jinnah, Jawaharlal Nehru was attacking the parallel politics of the fast growing Muslim League in the country. They only wanted to see Congress in Indian politics. In AD 1937, when elections to the provincial legislative assemblies were held, Jawaharlal Nehru made a statement- 'There are only two forces in the country- the government and the Congress.……. To vote against the Congress government means to vote to accept British supremacy…….Only Congress can contest the government. The interests of the opponents of Congress are intertwined. Their demands have nothing to do with the public.'

Due to this statement, Jinnah got angry with Jawaharlal Nehru and after that he did not let any opportunity to humiliate Nehru. He immediately retorted and said- 'I refuse to support the Congress, there is a third party in the country and that is the Muslims.' A few days later Jinnah warned Nehru and the Congress- 'Leave the Muslims alone.

Nehru replied- 'Mr Jinnah objected to the interference of the Congress in the Muslim affairs of Bengal, saying that the Congress should leave the Muslims alone. …… to which Muslims? Obviously only those who are followers of Mr. Jinnah and the Muslim League. , What is the goal of Muslim League? Is she fighting for the independence of India? Is he anti-imperialist? I think no. She represents a faction of Muslims which certainly has a lot of eminent people. These people are active in the upper circles of the upper-middle class and have no contact with the Muslim masses. He also has little relation with the lower-middle class of Muslims. Mr. Jinnah should know that I am in more contact with Muslims than most members of the Muslim League.'

A month after this speech, Jinnah said in an interview- 'What about this Congress president who interferes in everything? He seems to be carrying the responsibilities of the whole world on his shoulders. Instead of taking care of their work, it is necessary for them to put their feet in everything.'

Nehru repeatedly attacked Jinnah in his speeches to reach out to the 10 million Muslims who work in the fields all day long, out of the politics of the drawing room. Jinnah and the Muslim League had no qualms about these statements of Nehru. He was afraid that the really poor Muslim community might get involved in the words of Nehru and the Congress.

It was obvious that the only way the League could do was to awaken the Muslim masses, to agitate, to follow their leadership. That method was- 'Islam is in danger.' Only by raising the question of the deen could the league fly its flag apart.

In the elections of AD 1937, the Congress got huge success. These elections were held under the provisions made in the Government of India Act, 1935. Congress got absolute majority in Madras, Bombay, United Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. It emerged as the single largest party in Bengal, Assam and the North-Western region. Congress got less votes only in Punjab and Sindh.

Out of 482 seats reserved for Muslims in eleven provinces, Congress got 26 seats, Muslim League got 108 seats and independent Muslims got 128 seats. The Unionist Party got most of the seats in Punjab. Fazlul Haq's Praja-Party got 38 seats in Bengal.

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